Watch: This 74-Year Old Lola Still Dives at Sea for Coins

In the port town of Lucena City, Quezon lives Lola Maria, a 74-year-old Badjao originally from Zamboanga. Like many other Badjao – an indigenous tribe from Southern Philippines – Lola Maria learned how to swim and dive at a very young age. And like many other Badjao, she and her family went to Luzon in search of a better life. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Despite her old age, Lola Maria paddles her way to the port in Lucena City, waiting for boat passengers to toss her coins which she’ll dive for. She does this to feed, and send her grand kids to school.

She was feature in a documentary by GMA News’ Front Row entitle “Mga Barya ni Lola Maria” this August. Watch an excerpt and learn more about her:

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