WATCH: Sword Guy Reviews Filipino Weapon ‘Ginunting’

One of the traditional Filipino weapons is the ginunting. Apparently, this weapon was the official sword of the Philippine Marines from way, way back, which comes with their M16 and other military weapons. They often used it in the jungle.

The ginunting has a beak-like shape and its tip curving downward.

According to, “it is a perfect weapon for close quarter attacks, utility tool, as jungle bolos, for clearing brush, slaughter tools for hunting, chopping small pieces of wood for fire and a perfect weapon to carry.”

Sword guy Skallagrim, who reviews historical arms and armor, tried ginunting and here’s what he has to say.

Skallagrim listed the pros of ginunting.

  • Remarkably tightly fitted, strong construction
  • High quality steel
  • Very sharp out of the box, good cutter
  • Flawless finish

When it came to the cons, he said, “no cons (I can’t even nitpick).”

He said he got his ginunting for $239.95.

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