WATCH: Special Preview Into the Making of ‘Valerian’ Looks EPIC

Renowned French director Luc Besson’s upcoming film, Valerian, is an action adventure film that will take us into the 28th century. It is based on the French science fiction comics,Valérian and Laureline, who are time-traveling agents.

Aliens, space ships, time-traveling. It has been Luc Besson’s dream to bring this comic book series to life, which was his favorite growing up, but he always felt limited by technology. For a story set so far off into the future, the film will demand much from the special effects department. But James Cameron’s Avatar happened, and suddenly everything was possible.

All this was shared by Besson himself, in this special video sneak peek into the making of Valerian, shown below. Watch, the movie is looking kind of epic.

Valerian stars Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne, and hits theaters on July 2017.