WATCH: Son pranks Mom about getting a tattoo

How exactly do our moms flip out when we surprise them with permanent life decisions? Well, we guess for this mom, she’s got no chill!

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Facebook user Joyce Villafania Hernandez took it to her Facebook account a video of she and her brothers pranking their mother with one of them wearing a fake tattoo, much to the dismay and violent reaction of the latter.

The video begins with the son with a visible tattoo that covers his entire arm, with his father initially conversing with him. The mother eventually sees the son and begins to reprimand him.

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WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Hernandez for further details.

“We always knew that our mother had this belief of the body being sacred for it is a temple of God. Pero sobrang gullible kasi niya sa jokes (but she is so gullible when it comes to jokes) so we always tease her about getting a tattoo. Last reunion with the relatives, kahit sobrang obvious na tease lang (even if we were obviously teasing her) she took it seriously. Medyo exaggerated din siya magreact sa behavior namin. (She usually has exaggerated reaction when it comes to our behavior). As in di siya nagkukulang sa pagpapaalala. (As in she never fails to reprimand us). Father’s day my brother and I went out to buy our

Last Father’s day, my brother and I went out to buy our tito (uncle) and father a cake. Then my brother remembered that he wanted to buy a sticker tattoo just to try it out since he saw it from a friend. We bought one, black and white para mukhang authentic (so it would look authentic). Walang small kaya yung malaki lang talaga yung choice. (There was nothing small in size, so we got the biggest one). When we got home, we got this idea of pranking mom. We always do that naman kasi.(We always prank her). She has funny reactions all the time. Kahit nakita niya na kapatid ko ng two days na hubad sa bahay, alam naming di niya naobserve na wala siyang tattoo those days kaya alam naming magwowork. (Even if she saw my brother shirtless at home, we knew she didn’t observe that he had a tattoo during those days, and that’s when we knew the prank was going to work.)

After my brother took a shower, Dinikit ko sa brother ko yung tattoo, nilagyan ko pa lotion para mas magblend sa skin. (I applied the tattoo on my brother and even topped it with lotion so it could blend with his skin). Then nag-set up na kami. (That’s when we started to set up). Mom was exercising that time, kaya pawis na pawis (that’s why she was sweaty). Tinakpan lang ng brother ko ng shirt yung arm niya then lumabas na siya para magsapatos kasi aalis na rin siya. (My brother covered the tattoo with a shirt then he went out to put some shoes on, because he was about to leave the house. And that’s when we secretly recorded our mom’s reaction.”


Hernandez also adds that they are a tight-knit family. She says that she’s close to their dad while her brother is close to their mother.

What do you think of this story? Is your mom as strict as the Hernandez’s? Let us know in the comments below!

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