WATCH: Someone Made a Trailer of “2016: The Movie” and it’s a Thriller


A lot of people are proclaiming 2016 to be a Very Interesting Year. A lot of personalities passed away. The Philippines and the United States of America (USA) elected controversial leaders. The United Kingdom (UK) left the European Union. Now, there’s a movie about it and it’s a thriller.

YouTuber Friend Dog Studios created a parody trailer for a movie called 2016: The Movie, and it starts innocently enough: a couple greets 2015 in a New Year’s Eve party at home. Then things go downhill from there.

Watch the trailer below:

The trailer references some of 2016’s biggest events, like the deaths of personalities (Carrie Fisher included), Trump’s victory, the Brexit, and the mannequin challenge.

It’s an interesting take on an interesting year.

Happy New Year from your family!

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