WATCH: Raffy Tulfo Speaks Up About the Teacher-Shaming Issue

Raffy Tulfo

In an episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action, the host accommodated the grandmother and two parents of a child who was allegedly mistreated by his Grade 2 teacher for failing to surrender his report card.

As shown in the CCTV footage of the incident, the child was told to sit outside of the classroom for one whole period as punishment. The teacher, named Melita Limjuco, explained to Tulfo and the guardians that she only meant to teach the student a lesson. But the unconvinced guardians insisted on punishing Limjuco for the “humiliation” the child suffered.

Tulfo then proceeded to make a phone call to the teacher and presented her with two options: either bring the issue to court or revoke her license instead. Limjuco chose the latter after Tulfo “threatened” her that he will see to it that she would be put to jail for “child abuse.”

Now, after netizens have shared their opinions about what happened, Raffy has changed his mind and shared his opinion about it on his show.

Watch the video below:

He said, “ang gagawin ko na lang, yung si teacher at itong parent ng bata ay pagbabatiin ko na lang. At may point nga naman sila na very harsh daw yung desisyon na pag-resign-in si teacher.

However, Raffy still believes that the teacher was in the wrong. He said, “Although si teacher, she really admitted na meron siyang pagkakasala dun. Kung tutuusin child abuse nga yun dahil pinahiya niya yung bata.”

He added that he changed his mind because of netizens’ feedback. He shared, “Yes, I’m going to listen to our netizens dahil nga naman kung walang netizens, wala tayong show.”


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