WATCH: Rachelle Ann Go’s Amazing Rendition Of Miss Saigon’s “The Movie In My Mind”

It has been quite the eventful few days for Filipina singer and now Broadway star Rachelle Ann Go. After news broke out about her engagement to her boyfriend, businessman Martin Spies, she’s again making waves on social media after an amazing display of her musical prowess.

The official Facebook page of Miss Saigon US just recently released a video of Rachelle Ann Go’s rendition of the song “The Movie In My Mind” from the critically-acclaimed Broadway musical itself.

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She collaborates with the new star of Miss Saigon, Eva Noblezada, who plays Kim–a role which was first brought to life by Lea Salonga herself.

Rachelle Ann Go plays the role of Gigi Van Tranh in the recent revival of Miss Saigon.

Check out the chilling musical number below:

This was truly a beautiful and breathtaking version of a powerful song. As if we needed any more proof of how talented our very own Rachelle Ann Go is!

Two amazingly talented musicians and theater actresses in one video?! My inner musical geek is fangirling so hard!

I’m definitely more in love with Rachelle Ann Go after this.

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