WATCH: Pinoy Couple’s Dreamy Wedding Photo Shoot in Iceland

Pinoy Couple's Dreamy Wedding Photo Shoot in Iceland My Metro Photo

The bucketlist wedding feature comes to its conclusion in one of the most interestingly unusual way. After features in Dubrovnik and Kotor in the first two parts, respectively, we take you now to the amazing landscapes of Iceland. And when we say “take you,” we don’t just mean the photographs. With the clips we shot the entire trip, we were able to come up with a decent behind-the-scenes video for all of you to see. Come with us back to Croatia, Montenegro, and Iceland and witness how amazing and sometimes chaotic the shoots were.

You see, in Metrophoto, we believe that having the most unique and elegant photographs are only one part of hiring us for your wedding. We are passionate about the overall experience, like how it felt while the photograph as taken and how it feels looking at it after. We realized that such a video we have here provides another dimension in the overall experience of our clients that we have now officially included this FOR FREE in all our out-of-town (those requiring plane rides) pre-wedding shoots.

Pinoy Couple's Dreamy Wedding Photo Shoot in Iceland My Metro Photo

There are so much to say about Margaux and Francis, about Iceland, and about this unforgettable #bucketlistwedding experience. But you have the photos and the video ahead of you, and that is more than enough.

Watch the couple’s BTS video below:

Where is your dream destination for your wedding photo shoot? Let us know in the comments!

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