WATCH: Nico Bolzico Hilariously Shares the Struggles of Being Parents to a Newborn Baby

Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico welcomed the new year with the birth of their first daughter, Thylane Katana.

It was a great moment and while it looks like the couple is enjoying the parenting process, Nico shared the struggles in a new video.

Watch it below:

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The video starts out with Nico looking fresh, saying, “She’s so cute. It’s the best feeling in the world… We’re a bit lost but it’s so amazing. Parenting, my passion.” As the video progresses, he looks considerably worn out, saying, “We’re already getting ready for not sleeping the whole year. It’s nice but it’s tough. Nobody told us before… It’s good. Parenting, my passion.”

Nico captioned the video with, “#ParentingMyPassion. #Thylane is 2 months today and here we share with you a bit of our journey. I am pretty sure lot of parents will relate!”

He added, “Disclaimer: during the day Solenn takes care of #Thylane but we do have a night nurse (Joana) to support us, so this video is exage for comedy purposes! @solenn is actually the one doing 94% of what is needed, as I mentioned before, men are merely decoration and we just have to do everything our wives say, not questioning it for a second!

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