WATCH: Nadine Lustre Gives a Glimpse of Her in Action as Darna

Nadine Lustre has once again proven why she is the fan favorite to play Darna in the much-awaited reboot.

In a recent vlog posted by Donnalyn Bartolome, she and Nadine play the iconic scene where Ding (Donnalyn) gives Narda (Nadine) the stone that would transform her into Darna. As expected, Pinoy netizens went wild.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

The clip of Nadine striking the pose and yelling “Darna!” immediately went viral online, inciting even more public clamor for her to take on the role permanently.

One Twitter user shared the clip and said, “Nadine Lustre screaming ‘Darna’ is my greatest mood, she nailed it!”

Another user added, “I once thought having Nadine as Darna, but i’ll never push her to do it since there are more roles that suit her best. But when she said ‘Darna’ with that confidence, I think I’m gonna take back what I’ve said.”

Even casual fans admit that Nadine is perfect for the role.

What do you think after watching the video: should Nadine play Darna? Sound off in the comments!


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