WATCH: Morissette wows Little Mix when she sings their song


We all know Morissette Amon as an amazing singer. Just recently, when she failed to hit the whistle of a song, she bounced back like a true queen and reached the high note, proudly proclaiming that she sang live. Now, the singer has a new fan: the British girl group Little Mix.

In an Instagram story posted by Little Mix member Jade Thirlwall, Morissette is on TV singing “Secret Love Song,” one of the group’s biggest hits. In the clip, Thirlwall and her friends are heard cheering for her, with one voice saying, “I love her.”

Morissette’s performance is part of the 2017 Asia Song Festival in Korea.

The singer posted the story on her Twitter account, captioning it with “Don’t mind me, I’m just literally shook at the moment! Jade of Little Mix shared clips of their team watching my cover of ‘Secret Love Song’ at the Asia Song Festival on her IG Stories! Even heard Perrie comment too, so they all must be watching! OMG, thank you loads for noticing!”

“Secret Love Song” is one of Morissette’s most frequently-sung songs. It is also her most-watched cover on YouTube, which has over 75 million views.

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