WATCH: Moana’s Official Trailer Shows Moana as a Baby

Last year, it was announced that Disney would be releasing a new Disney Princess movie soon – a Polynesian princess named Moana. Well, that time has finally come.

The first official trailer of the movie has been released and in it, we can see Moana as a baby walking by the seashore – and look! Is that a ‘cameo’ by Crush from “Finding Nemo”? Watch the trailer here:

Moana looks very different compared to the first images of her that showed up on the net, but it suits her island look well, in my opinion. Also, you gotta admit: baby Moana is ADORABLE. I absolutely love when Disney shows us baby versions of their characters – remember Dory and Mike Wazowski? This trailer makes me wish they’d show us what all of the Disney princesses looked like as babies. <3

Who’s your favorite Disney princess so far? 🙂

Moana is set to be released around Thanksgiving 2016.

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