WATCH: Meet Bigfoot’s Son in This New Animated Movie!

We’ve seen a lot of movies about monsters, and they aren’t always the scary kind. For decades, monsters have been turned into colorful stuffed toy-looking creatures and hotel owners. I guess we all just love a good old story of a monster with a heart.

We’ve all met Count Dracula’s daughter, now it’s time we’ve met Bigfoot’s son.

The Son of Bigfoot is an upcoming Belgian animated film about–you guessed it–the son of Bigfoot.

A first look at this film has already been posted online, and it already looks promising!

Check it out below:

The film follows Adam, a seemingly ordinary kid who set out on a journey to look for his long-lost dad. Imagine his surprise when Adam realized that his dad is the legendary Bigfoot himself!

To be fair, Bigfoot doesn’t really look like such a monster in this film. He’s just some hairy guy with cool “superpowers” which Adam has apparently inherited as well.

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It already looks like a fun family film!

The Son of Bigfoot is set to premiere internationally in August this year. A release date in the country is yet to be announced. Here’s to hoping we get to catch it in local cinemas!

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