WATCH: Lucky Fans Got to Dance and Sing with A1’s Christian Ingebrigtsen and Ben Adams

A1’s media fans were in for a treat as Mark Read, Christian Ingebrigtsen, and Ben Adams were extremely accommodating during their press conference in Manila last October 20 at Novotel Hotel, Cubao, Quezon City. Aside from gamely answering questions, the boys also interacted with their media fans.


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One girl even got to dance with Christian, while Mark and Ben sang “One Last Song.” Writer Jopay wrote on Instagram: “Being part of media is not just a piece of glitz and glamour. It is also turning your dream into reality. I completely remember when I was in highschool, excited to attend the prom like any other girls, excited to have someone dance with me to a certain music… and when no one did, you just need to get sated with having friends around… thats not being a girl, that was being ok to NONE. 13 years ago, I was an ordinary prom attendee and yesterday A1 made me feel like a PROM Queen for Real. Thank you @a1official @markreadmusic @benadamsuk and @christian_ingebrigtsen for this wonderful experience #A1BackInPHL #LikeARose”

(This is basically every girl’s dream. Do you hear me?)

Another member of the press also got a chance to sing “Like A Rose” with Ben Adams. The singer then explained that the song was actually dedicated to his mother.

Also known for their Filipino nicknames “Bentoy,” “Chan-chan,” and “Macoy”, the A1 men also talked about their favorite Filipino food, which is none other than adobo! They also admitted wanting to collaborate with Filipina singer-thespian Rachelle Ann Go sometime.

Seeing how humble these talented performers are, we can’t wait to see what they have in store for their Filipino fans at the KIA Theater tonight for their “A1 Here We Come – Back” concert. Presented by Concert Republic, A1 will also be performing live at IEC Pavilion in Cebu on October 25.