WATCH: Jasmine Curtis-Smith Has an LGBT-Themed Movie Set During the Quarantine

As we wrap up the celebrations for Pride Month, director Samantha Lee just dropped the trailer for Until It’s Safe, an LGBTQ+-themed movie starring Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Ella Lentini.

Watch the trailer below:

The film follows Curtis-Smith and Lentini as they navigate life amid the community quarantine. Because of the real-life quarantine, the actresses are filmed apart, which the director confirms on Twitter. In a photo, Lee shared that the film is made up of just four people.

This is not the first time that Curtis-Smith has starred in a movie featuring an LGBT theme. She is one of the leads in Baka Bukas, where she plays a lesbian creative who falls for her best friend. The film is also directed by Lee.

Lee also directed Billie & Emma, an LGBT coming-of-age story.

We’re not sure when Until It’s Safe will be available. Baka bukas?

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