WATCH: Gamer Finishes Zelda Game in Under 17 Minutes

If you’re a hardcore gamer hellbent on unlocking achievements, then this new feat will amaze you.

Norwegian gamer Torje Amundsen finished The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in just—wait for it—16 minutes and 58 seconds! Yes! Even we had to look twice or even thrice to make sure we read that right. It’s currently the fastest time anybody has finished the game. Do take note that the average player can finish the game in 20-30 hours.

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SI 3DS TheLegendofZeldaOcarinaofTime3D image1600w

“Thank you everyone who has watched me at any point in my journey so far, and thank you to everyone who is just now becoming a part of it through this video. This is the peak of my journey so far, but it does not end here!

I will keep pushing this time until I am completely satisfied, since sub 17 was more of a milestone goal, rather than a ‘this is the final product I want,’” explained Torje.

If you’re curious about how Torje did it, you can watch the whole run below.

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