WATCH: Chris Evans Pranks Comic Store Customers for a Cause

Oh, my God! I would faint if this happened to me!!!

Chris Evans aka Captain America has partnered up with Omaze to give his fans a chance to win an escape room experience and a meal with himself to benefit the non-profit organisation Christopher’s Haven. To start things off, he hid in a comic store in Boston and lured unsuspecting customers into an escape room experience, where they had to look for (super obvious) clues, put on masks and scream ‘Hail Hydra!’

Chris Evans had a blast doing it and the reactions of the people involved after seeing him in the basement at the end of it all are priceless. Watch the video here:


I love how much fun Chris Evans had with this. Wouldn’t it be awesome if something similar ever happened here? (I wish!) Find out more about his campaign with Omaze here.

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