WATCH: Charlize Theron is a Bad-Ass Undercover Agent in ‘Atomic Blonde’

Seriously, is there a role Charlize Theron can’t pull off? You can throw this actress in a sweet role, a dramatic role, a hateful villain, or as an action-packed heroine, and she’ll nail it all. (I personally love her role as Queen Ravenna in the Snow White and the Huntsman franchise.)

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But now she’s off to pull a John Wick/James Bond role and based on the trailer, it looks pretty fantastic. In “Atomic Blonde”, directed by David Leithch, Charlize Theron plays an “undercover MI6 agent who was sent to Berlin during the Cold War to investigate the murder of a fellow agent.” Starring alongside Theron in the film are other big names in Hollywood like James McAvoy and John Goodman.

Watch the trailer here:

Atomic Blonde hits the theaters in July 2017.

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