WATCH: C-Pop Music Video Goes Viral… Find Out Why

We Asians (especially Pinoys!) love our Asian pop videos– from the early days of J-Pop, to the global phenomenon that is K-Pop, it’s spurred various incarnations across Asia, including a Filipino effort known as P-Pop!

C-Pop Music Video goes viral

But could it be that some may be milking the whole Asian pop thing too far??

Take for instance this C-Pop (Chinese pop) music video by a group called FFx of a single called “Sugar Baby”– within a week since posting on Youtube it’s got more than 1 million views… with more thumbs down than thumbs up apparently.

Why? For more than one reason, supposedly. Is it a joke?? Maybe, or maybe not. But we’ll let you be the judge by watching the video below:

What do you think of the music video? Love it or hate it?


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