WATCH: Britney Spears Sizzles at the MTV VMA 2016

WATCH- Britney Spears Sizzles at the MTV VMA 2016

The last time we saw Britney Spears perform at the MTV Video Music Awards was in 2007, when she gave a half-hearted performance of “Gimme More.” Even if it received backlash, it is still part of Brit’s VMA canon, where she has given show-stopping performances like the 2001 performance of “I’m a Slave 4 U” with a python and the 2003 kiss with Madonna.

Now, Spears is making up for lost time (almost 10 years!) with a sizzling performance of her new song “Make Me…,” a single featuring G-Eazy from her new album Glory. The song was mixed with G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha’s “Me, Myself & I.”

It’s a flawless comeback for a singer who combined sexiness and innocence to pop music in the ’90s. Brit is back, guys.

Watch the performance below:


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