WATCH: AJ Rafael and Moira dela Torre Collab On AJ’s “Without You”

What happens when two Pinoy Youtubers come together for a cover? Magic, that’s what. This is the collaboration we never thought we needed, yet here it is!

Filipino-American Youtube sensation AJ Rafael and singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre just collaborated on a cover together, which both singers uploaded on their respective Facebook pages for their fans to enjoy.

The song? It’s none other than AJ Rafael’s “Without You” written in 2010, which according to Moira, was one of her first-ever covers on the popular streaming site, where she slowly gained a steady following before her big break on The Voice Philippines.

Moira writes:

FACT: AJ was one of the people who inspired me to get on YouTube and this very song was one of my very first covers EVER. Which is why i’m so happy, that for the first cover of 2018, I get to sing this beautiful song with the talented writer himself, someone i’m so blessed to call my friend. Love you, Aj! Thank you for everything  See you in Feb? 

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