Walwal is Cancelledt: Chill Things You and Your Barkada Can Do For Your Next HOHOL

Words by: Clariz Mendoza
Graphics by: Marvin James Medios

Are you tired of the repetitive Friday night outs drinking with friends then waking up feeling bad the next day with the worst hangover? You promise yourself never to get drunk ever again but then you find yourself stuck in the same routine the following week when you go out trying to forget all the stress of the past week.

Who said that the only way to de-stress and to bond with others is through drinking? 

If you want to level up your next barkada night, here are some chill activities that your squad can do without alcoholic beverages getting in the picture. I listed some modified drinking games that can serve as substitutes for walwal activities that are cheaper and healthier! What are you waiting for? Plan your next HOHOL sesh ahead and have fun without worrying about the consequences the next day!

1. Coffee Pong

Coffee Pong

Perfect for when you’re tired but still want to have a blast!

What You Need: 10 cups, coffee, ping pong ball
Number of Players: 2-4
Rated: PG
Mechanics: Place small amounts of coffee into the cups. Put 5 cups on each side of a long table. The goal of the game is to shoot the ping pong ball into your opponent’s cups. When the ball lands in your cup, you’ll have to drink the coffee. The first one to shoot the ping pong balls into all the 5 cups wins!


2. Melt

Perfect for when you want to cool down after a tough day!

What You Need: Ice cubes
Number of Players: 4-10
Rated: G
Mechanics: The goal of this game is pretty simple: to melt the ice. Each player will be given an ice cube to melt. It will be up to the player on how s/he will be able to melt it. Anything is allowed except for placing it inside the mouth. Your creativity will be challenged in this game. The first one to fully melt the ice cube will be declared the winner!


3. Never Have I Ever


Perfect for when you have questions you’re dying to ask your crush/barkada!

What You Need: Shot glasses, healthy and weird drinks
Number of Players: 4-10
Rated: PG-13
Mechanics: All players will each be given healthy and/or weird drinks. Then, each player will be given the chance to ask a question to the group which is answerable by a yes or no. For example, “Never have I ever called in sick when I was just lazy to go to work.” All players who are guilty of doing that will have to drink. The last player who still has a drink wins!

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4. Yakult Shots


Perfect for when you want to know who’s the best actor in the group!

What You Need: Yakult, dice, paper with nouns
Number of Players: 4-10
Rated: G
Mechanics: The player will pick one noun from the list. He then rolls the dice without showing the other gamers. If it’s an odd number, the player will make up a story using the noun that he got. And if it’s an even number he will tell a true story. For example, if the word that he got is apple and the dice ends in number 3, he could make up a story of how he received an apple as a gift. The other players will guess if it is a true story or not. Those who get it wrong will have to take a shot of Yakult. The person who finishes the Yakult first loses!


5. Truth or Dare

Perfect for when you have questions you’re dying to ask your crush/barkada!

What You Need: Shot glasses, healthy and weird drinks, bottle
Number of Players: 4-10
Rated: PG 13
Mechanics: Truth or dare has always been a classic game that is part of every walwal night. The rules for this game are easy.  Players will sit in a circle and a bottle will be placed in the center of the group. One player will spin the bottle, the person which the bottle points at will be asked the ultimate question: Truth or Dare. If s/he chooses truth, other players will be given the chance to ask one juicy question. On the other hand, if s/he chooses dare then s/he will have to do whatever the group tasks him/her to do. Remember, have fun but also be responsible when playing this game!

What game are you excited to try? Share with us in the comments!