Village Tavern at Bonifacio High Street Central – Where Great Food and Drinks Meet


Village Tavern, one of the newest and classiest dining establishments in Bonifacio High Street, offers a great dining experience for casual diners and fine-dining aficionados alike. When in Manila and in search for delicious food and drink, Village Tavern is just the place for you!





Village Tavern has its roots in the US, and has now come to Manila to let us experience unique signature dishes coupled with an extensive selection of imported beers and fine wines. The casual diner out for something quick, convenient, and easy to share with friends would definitely love Village Tavern’s selection of appetizers and salads. The delicious hot crab dip is always a good bet when trying out Village Tavern’s food for the first time. The soft and mildly sweet bread of the dip is just amazing with a bottle of ice-cold Hoegaarden beer, available also at Village Tavern.



Village Tavern’s Hot Crab Dip.



Village Tavern salad with grilled chicken.



My personal favorite would be the Village Tavern grilled chicken penne, available as a solo dish or good-for-sharing. The pasta’s mild flavors and tender chicken strips paired very nicely with a glass of Village Tavern’s Kumala chardonnay-semillon blend. The restaurant’s signature flatbreads are great choices when opting for a meat-filled entree; the flatbread I had was loaded with delicious, crispy bacon!



Grilled chicken penne, a Village Tavern best-seller.



Gruyere and applewood-smoked bacon flatbread.



Fruit juices are as fresh as they come at Village Tavern!



Sinful satisfaction with Village Tavern’s banana crepes with premium ice cream.



Aside from the food and drink, which are definitively some of the best to be found at Bonifacio High Street, what sets Village Tavern even further apart from the typical fine-dining restaurant label is the ‘split bar’ that Village Tavern has. The bar – located inside the beautiful and air-conditioned premises – has an outdoors portion as a smoking-area. Ordering a second (and even third and more!) round of drinks from the al fresco bar is made easy by a divider leading to the indoor bar. Ingenious, and very classy!



The bar, indoors.



Smoking-area bar.



Extensive – and impressive – wine selection of Village Tavern.



So when in Manila and on the hunt for a prime restaurant with great food, great drinks, and great ambiance, be sure to check out Village Tavern, at Bonifacio High Street!



Village Tavern at Bonifacio High Street Central – Where Great Food and Drinks Meet


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