Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle: World-Class Treatment Programs at Sofitel Philippine Plaza

The Lounge

Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle: World-Class Treatment Programs at Sofitel Philippine Plaza


WHEN IN MANILA, discover and unveil your natural beauty at Sofitel Philippine Plaza with the help of Vietura – a luxurious treatment facility that offers holistic balance treatment programs for men and women of all ages. To complete the serene setting, the place is adorned with vertical gardens that give out fresh oxygen in every room. Just by entering Vietura will already help improve your mood and well-being.



Vietura’s Dra. Mary Jane Torres and Sofitel Philippine Plaza GM Adam Laker head the ribbon cutting ceremony



Vietura’s Team of Experts

(L-R) Bianca Valero, event host; Dra. MJ Torres – Aesthetic Medicine; Dra. Cecilia Infantado – Cosmetic Dentist; Agnes Tumaneng – Nutritionist; Lisa Tilstra – Life Coach


Vietura, where science and nature combines, is a realized dream envisioned by Dra. MJ Torres. This is a place that not only provides non-invasive treatments but also the whole package of being beautiful inside and out.


Focusing on cosmetic dentistry is Dra. Cecile who believes that a smile is your ultimate jewelry. Her goal is to give back people’s smiles by creating life-like natural teeth and transforming one’s smile in just two hours. Who would have known that we can have a smile make-over?!


Aside from physical beauty, Agnes – Vietura‘s nutritionist, is there to help you get back your self-confidence. She has been awarded as the “top figure consultant” in Slimmers World for 15 years and is now developing programs in Vietura to help modify your eating patterns to get sustainable results and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, for couples who wanted to have kids, she strongly suggests to change your eating habits. Did you know that good eating behavior contributes to fertility? In Vietura, it is not just about weight loss, but more on building and maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle. 


In addition, Vietura’s life coach Lisa is there to help “you” in getting the best “you” possible. Lisa Tilstra received her Leadership Coaching certificate program at Georgetown University and has been an active practitioner in the US before coming to Manila. Her aim is to help individuals “unpack” the “past” baggage and move forward to who and where they want to be. She is now working with Vietura to develop plans in meeting your goals to becoming successful. “Combined with the excellent services of Vietura, Lisa offers the opportunity to focus on positive change from the inside out.”


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