Video Compilation of Mayweather’s “Dirty Moves” Vs. Pacquiao Goes Viral

The “battle for greatness” is finished. Floyd Mayweather Jr. came out victorious and still undefeated via unanimous decision over Manny Pacquiao. However, the way he has won the bout has left many Filipino and non-Filipino boxing fans unamused of the decision, some even bordering on anger. Some netizens were even quick to create memes that made fun of the fight.

In light of this, a video surfaced the Internet and is going viral, which shows a compilation of clips that highlight Mayweather’s alleged “dirty moves” against Pac-Man.

Watch the video below.


The video was captioned with:

I am not a Boxing expert. I’m honestly not sure if some of the moves are legal but it surely looks awful to me.

Do you agree?

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