10 Very Peri Products for Your Home

Very Peri was selected by global color authority Pantone as its Color of the Year 2022, describing it as “the happiest and warmest of all blue hues, a dynamic periwinkle blue with a vivifying violet-red undertone blends the faithfulness and consistency of blue with the energy and excitement of red.”

This is the first time in 23 years that Pantone has created a new shade for its Color of the Year selection, as “we have a new vision of the world now,” Pantone Institute Executive Director Leatrice Eisenman told CNN. In architecture, shades of periwinkle blue and lavender have long been used in installations, commercial spaces, and lighting, bringing an overall calm, optimistic, and positive effect.

Now, you can bring that to your home with SM Home’s accent chairs, decorative candles and vases, bed linen, and kitchenware in Very Peri shades. Here are our top picks:

SM Home Very Peri Purple Chair

Photo from SM Home

This inventive and transformative Very Peri-inspired accent chair will bring a pop of color to your home.

SM Home Scentchips Amethyst Hummingbird Lantern e1645880782648

Photo from SM Home

This carefree, confident, and creative Scentchips Amethyst Hummingbird Lantern is a cute addition to any space.

SM Home Hosh Luxury Flower Pillar candle e1645880830901

Photo from SM Home

These calming and decorative Hosh Luxury Flower Pillar candles don’t just smell good; they’re pretty, too.

SM Home Nordic style glass vases e1645880895841

Photo from SM Home

Stock up on Nordic-style glass vases in this pretty hue.

SM Home lavender Kings Wax Soy Candle e1645880958398

Photo from SM Home

Have a re-wax-ation with this soothing lavender Kings Wax Soy Candle.

SM Home Pendulum Wall Clock e1645880993533

Photo from SM Home

The traditional Pendulum Wall Clock gets an update in purple shades.

SM Home Very Peri Akemi Linen e1645881046743

Photo from SM Home

You can’t go wrong with Very Peri Akemi Linen.

SM Home Throw Pillows e1645881084820

Photo from SM Home

Artsy and abstract throw pillows in this year’s color.

SM Home aluminum pans and pots

Photo from SM Home

Purple non-stick aluminum pans and pots to brighten up cooking time.

SM Home Lifestyle saucepan

Photo from SM Home

This Lifestyle Azalea Ceramic Saucepan will look great in your kitchen.

Bring Very Peri’s spirit of newness, carefree confidence, and creativity, to your home with these furniture and home accessories from SM Home.

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