UP Street Dance Club STREET FUZION 14: Journey

 UP Street Dance Club STREET FUZION 14: Journey0


The UP Street Dance Club (UPSDC) took us on a trip all around the world last February 22, with their 14th annual dance concert: STREET FUZION 14: JOURNEY (SF14).

UPSDC is one of the country’s most prominent dance groups. Last 2013, they bagged the bronze medal in the World Hip Hop Dance Championships in Las Vegas, for the second time, and the Championship in the Skechers Street Dance Battle for the 5th time. And just as they do every year, the Club showcased a spectacular performance in SF14, showing more than just their skills and passion, but also realizing their vision to represent, inspire and reinforce God centered living through dance. The concert followed the story of a man who, despite experiencing difficulties, went on a JOURNEY, discovering himself and where he was meant to be. The concert included numerous guest performances by: the UP Pep Squad, School of St. Anthony DANSSA, Fam of Campers Champ, House of Dance and M.Y. Crew.


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The concert started with an explosive opening number including all of the members of the club, starting the mood just right with high energy and a strong performance. It quickly transitioned though, to the first act of the concert, “Turbulence”, which showed a lot of the emotional range of the dancers: from quiet and sad, to energetic, to angry. This act depicted the troubles of the main character, and set his journey in motion.




The second act, “Cruise“, was all about exhibiting the dancers’ versatility as they performed a variety of dance styles relating to different parts of the globe. Just as the main character journeyed around the world, the audience was taken from country to country to witness different genres of dance. From the bubbly and fun kpop style of Korea, to the funky foundations of old school hip hop from the USA, and many more.




The main character reminisces the happy moments in his life during the third act, “Descent”. This act was full of upbeat, lively and very animated dances, including an almost complete company number depicting a vibrant fiesta in summer, and how true love is found in an intricately choreographed boy and girl dance number. The last part of this act was a dramatic performance by the lead dancer, who was really able to show the reality of regret and longing in his short, albeit moving, solo. In the end he returns home to his family and he feels their love and acceptance again.

“Arrival”, the concert’s last act, brought home UPSDC’s message: that when you think you’re at a loss, and that everything is spiraling downward, there is always room to change, and that we will be accepted back by those who love us, especially, God. And that no matter what, we can turn to Him and He will never leave us alone.




All in all SF14 was definitely an unforgettable JOURNEY, packed with beautifully choreographed and executed pieces, elaborate, colorful and attractive sets and costumes, and an important message worth remembering. UPSDC’s next Street Fuzion is definitely something to watch out for next year.




UP Street Dance Club STREET FUZION 14: Journey