Uniting Sorsogon through a Spectacular Display of Local Pride and Talent

In the picturesque province of Sorsogon, tucked away in the southernmost part of Luzon, a grand celebration awaits both locals and tourists alike. The Sorsogon Province Grand Sta. Cruzan 2023 is set to take place from May 25 to 27, transforming the Sorsogon Sports Complex and Sorsogon Capitol Park into a vibrant hub of cultural festivities. With the participation of the province’s 15 LGUs (local government units), this event promises to showcase the rich heritage, diverse culture, and cherished traditions that make Sorsogon a true gem of the Philippines.

The brainchild of Governor Edwin “Boboy” Hamor and the Provincial Government of Sorsogon through Gov. Hamor’s Kagandahan Program under 7K Flagship Initiative—a fresh approach to Sorsogon’s administration— the Grand Sta. Cruzan represents a significant milestone in the province’s commitment to preserving and promoting its cultural legacy. Spearheaded by the Sorsogon Provincial Tourism Culture and Arts Office, under the stewardship of Mr. Bobby G. Gigantone, PGDH (Provincial Government Department Head), this initiative aims to strengthen the sense of community among Sorsoganons while sharing their unique heritage with the world. This event is timely as Sorsogon Province embarks on its new tourism branding promoting “Beautiful Sorsogon— Where Beauty is everywhere!”

Over the course of three exciting days, participants and spectators will be treated to a series of events and competitions that highlight the best of Sorsogon’s traditional practices and artistic talents. The program will include the much-anticipated Sta. Cruzan procession, where elaborately dressed queens and escorts will grace the streets, symbolizing the search for the Holy Cross by Queen Helena. This centuries-old tradition serves as a poignant reminder of the province’s deep-rooted Catholic faith and historical significance.

The heart of the Grand Sta. Cruzan lies in the spirited competition between the 15 LGUs of Sorsogon province. Each LGU will showcase its distinct heritage and cultural practices through performances, arcs, and exhibits, vying for recognition and bragging rights. This friendly rivalry creates an electric atmosphere, igniting a sense of pride among Sorsoganons and fostering camaraderie among the different municipalities.

While the event pays homage to Sorsogon’s rich past, it also embraces innovation and contemporary expressions of culture. The Grand Sta. Cruzan features various modern interpretations of traditional dances, music, and visual arts, demonstrating the province’s adaptability and creative evolution. From fusion performances blending ancient rhythms with modern beats to exhibitions showcasing traditional crafts infused with contemporary design, this celebration embodies the seamless blending of old and new.

The Sorsogon Province Grand Sta. Cruzan 2023 is more than just a celebration; it is a testament to the enduring spirit of Sorsoganons and their commitment to preserving their heritage, culture, and traditions. With the unwavering support of Governor Edwin “Boboy” Hamor and the provincial government, this event showcases the province’s cultural diversity, artistic talent, and warm hospitality to the world. As Sorsogon opens its doors to visitors from near and far, it invites everyone to be part of this prestigious celebration of unity, pride, and the timeless beauty of Filipino culture.


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