TRAVEL IN BED: 13 Movies That Take You Around The World

Words by Christiana Catu

How many of us dream to travel the world one day? How many of us get to actually do it?

“Wanderlust” is on everyone’s caption or social media bio nowadays. It’s on our Instagram feed, our blog posts, fed by piso fares offered by airlines a few times a year. There is no question that for the most of us, our definition of success and fulfillment of lifelong dreams is to be able to travel the world. Better if we get paid to do it! But for those who are constrained by familial commitments, financial limitations, and other factors, worry not! Getting out of the house (or the bed even) is no longer a requirement to get a glimpse of the world’s beauty and wonder. Let these movies take you around the world:

  1. Call Me By Your Name – Lombardy, Italy

Bask in the beauty of northern Italy, as 17-year old Elio develops feelings for Oliver, a 24-year old graduate student his father invited over for the summer. The film is set mainly in Villa Albergoni, a beautiful 16th-century country mansion which is now on sale for €1.7 million!

  1. Midnight in Paris – Paris, France

What better way to reminisce than while walking along the streets of Paris, the setting of a thousand romance films and novels, the dream destination for the hopeless romantics, the city of lights? Look back to past loves found and lost as a screenwriter reevaluates his relationship with his wealthy, materialistic fiancé in this movie by traveling back in time.

  1. Leap Year – Dublin, Ireland

Up for a road trip? A woman follows her boyfriend to a business trip in Ireland to propose to him on Leap Day when it is socially acceptable for women to propose. But here’s the catch: she does not believe in superstitions. So, you can say she’s in for a bumpy ride. Don’t worry, she finds a castle along the way!

  1. In Bruges – Bruges, Belgium

Two Irish hitmen hide after a job gone wrong while awaiting further instructions from their boss. They find themselves drawn to the beauty and serenity of the place. More then refuge, they find love, peace, and home in Bruges.

  1. Letters to Juliet – Verona, Italy

A fact-checker for The New Yorker comes across a courtyard where people leave letters for Juliet (of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet) and finds a 53-year old letter that was never answered. What follows next is the journey of a lifetime as they try to find the Romeo of it all to give their love story the ending it did not get.

  1. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants – Greece & Mexico

Didn’t we all dream of having a summer romance when we were 16? Four friends, after spending their whole lives together, spend their first summer apart with one going to football camp in Mexico, one visiting family in Greece, one meeting a father who left, and one staying home. It is a story of summer romances, coming and leaving, and heartbreaks that begin at home.

  1. Me Before You – United Kingdom

You can’t change people, you can only love them–or at least that is what this film wants to teach you. Will Traynor, turned cold and depressed after a tragic accident which made him permanently lose control of his body, meets Louisa Clark, a happy and outgoing woman hired by his mother to accompany him.

  1. Memoirs of a Geisha – Japan

A young girl named Chiyo is sold into slavery and into a geisha house. She learns to find her way up to become the most celebrated geisha of her generation.

  1. The Hangover Part II – Bangkok, Thailand

Phil, Stu, Alan, and Doug travel to Thailand for Stu’s wedding and suffer a terrible hangover with no recollection of what happened the night before.

  1. Eat, Pray, Love – India & Bali

Liz Gilbert thought she had it all until everything comes crashing down. She decides to step out of her comfort zone and take a step back to find herself again.

  1. The Good Lie – Africa

Sudanese orphans whose home and parents are burned to death, find refuge in Kenya, and get to settle in the US after thirteen years. With the help of Carrie, they rebuild their lives one step at a time.

  1. La La Land – Los Angeles

Sebastian and Mia meet in Los Angeles with the common goal of pursuing their dreams. Chase after your Hollywood desires at the City of Stars as Sebastian and Mia find themselves lost and heartbroken facing rejection after rejection, deciding if their dreams are worth it after all.

  1. Away We Go – North America

A pregnant couple travels across America in search of the perfect place to build their family. But more than the perfect neighborhood, they realize, for the first time in their lives what home truly means.

Where is your dream destination? Tell us in the comments!

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