5 Travel Hacks for Safer and Stress-Free Holy Week Road Trips

Making travel plans during the Holy Week? The Philippine Holy Week long weekend is one of the most anticipated holidays yearly. It’s the time of the year when most travel out of town to reflect, unwind, and reunite with their families and friends. Last year, NLEX saw a 10% to 15% increase in traffic volume, which is something to be expected this year. 

With the long weekend approaching, it’s important to be prepared for the road with the expected exodus of motorists filling in highways and expressways. 

MPT Mobility Corporation

Photo: MPT Mobility Corporation

Discover how you can have a safe, efficient, and hassle-free driving experience with these five travel hacks curated by MPT Mobility. 

Pre-plan your travel essentials

Before buckling up, it’s important to prepare what you’ll need on the road! Aside from your clothes and snacks, ensure you also bring a first aid or medicine kit. Long drives can get stressful and boring, so have a road trip playlist ahead as well to hype you up. And for those driving through NLEX, SCTEX, NLEX Connector, CAVITEX, C5 Link Flyover, CALAX, and CCLEX, get an Easytrip RFID or CCLEX RFID installed and download the MPT DriveHub app for seamless drives while NLEX Drive & Dine can help you enjoy a break from your travels.

Get an RFID sticker for seamless drives in tollways

Since expressways in the country started implementing cashless toll collections, you can also hack your way into skipping cash lanes when you have a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag on your vehicle. This will help you have a more convenient entry and exit at toll plazas. 

MPT Mobility Corporation RFID

Photo: MPT Mobility Corporation

Easytrip RFID and CCLEX RFID are the must-have RFIDs that come in handy for effortless toll payments and faster travel in expressways. Having them installed on your vehicle will allow you to drive through RFID lanes in NLEX, SCTEX, NLEX Connector, CAVITEX, C5 Link Flyover, CALAX, and CCLEX. If you don’t have an Easytrip RFID yet, simply visit any of the Easytrip stations and get it installed on-site. For the CCLEX RFID, you can go to any of the CCLEX customer service centers near the toll plaza. Once you have an account, you can load it up for your everyday travels.

Download a travel companion app for your driving needs

Another hack to make your travels faster and seamless? Having an app that can cover your driving needs. MPT DriveHub app has your back as your travel companion, especially when you have an Easytrip or CCLEX RFID account. It is MPT Mobility’s smart mobility solution as the all-in-one app to help you drive your way during the Holy Week long weekend or for your everyday travels. 

The MPT DriveHub app lets you conveniently check your balance and reload your Easytrip RFID or CCLEX RFID account by linking it to the app. The app offers lower transaction fees and various payment methods to top-up — from credit or debit card payments to PayMaya or GCash. On top of that, the minimum amount required when you reload using the app is only Php 1. 

MPT Mobility Corporation app

Photo: MPT Mobility Corporation

What’s great about MPT DriveHub is that it’s got other handy features, such as getting expressway traffic updates. Get alerted on-road situations by simply turning on your in-app notifications so you can save time and help you make informed decisions in your travels.

Sudden flat tire? Dead battery? Need towing? MPT DriveHub can also make you feel safer with its roadside assistance feature that enables users to call for help when emergencies like these happen. Simply open the app and get assistance on roadside emergencies within MPTC expressways anytime, anywhere!

Going on long drives can get tiring. Good thing the MPT DriveHub app’s rest stop locator can help you check the best stops along the way! Whether it’s for a quick restroom break, grabbing a bite to eat, fueling up, or stretching your legs, MPT DriveHub’s got you covered to give you a better driving experience. You can download it for free in the App Store and Play Store.

Take breaks to recharge

Making stopovers is part of the journey. Speaking of rest stops, NLEX Drive & Dine is one not to be missed when driving back to Manila. Located Manila-bound in NLEX, it’s more than just a pit stop for you to gas up as it has an array of places to eat, shop, and relax. 

Enjoying good food makes travel more exciting. Whatever your craving is, you can find them at NLEX Drive & Dine! From scrumptious steaks from The Beef Deli, makis from Aibou Japanese Restaurant, or a coffee break in Starbucks or Cafe France, have your fill to fuel your journey. 

NLEX Drive & Dine

Photo: MPT Mobility Corporation

Feast your eyes as well on premium retail stores where you can splurge or window shop. Get fashion finds from stores like Nike Factory Outlet, Giordano, or Casio.  

Take photos to flex your new fashion finds or simply unwind at NLEX Drive & Dine with its spacious and stellar amenities, such as ample parking space, clean restrooms, free WiFi, and comfortable seating areas. It’s the best place to fuel up and rest after all the traveling, eating, and shopping. 

Condition your car ready for long-distance driving

Travel preparation is more than just fueling up as it’s also making sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape. Aside from the usual BLOWBAGETS checklist, make sure to schedule a Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS) before hitting the road. Also, load up a spare tire and an automotive tool kit for quick repairs. Looking into these things will help save you from any trouble later on.

Driving during this long weekend is more than just traveling from point A to point B — it is also your journey to reflect and reconnect this Holy Week. With the help of MPT Mobility’s mobility solutions, you can make the Holy Week long weekend memorable, starting with the way you travel.