TransAction 2018

The Rhetoricians is a duly-recognized academic organization in UPLB, and one of the organization’s activities is TransAction, an annual open workshop where the needs of the students are being catered through a series of workshops and activities. This year, they will hold an open workshop with topics centered on academic writing to help students increase their knowledge on precise writing and paraphrasing, outlining, and online sourcing as a prerequisite for their projects, careers, and future endeavors.

In partnership with WhenInManila.Com, TransAction2018 will be held on November 12, 2018 from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. at CASLite Room, UPLB.

The event specifically aims to teach the students necessary skills in research, provide a holistic workshop to enhance student skills in college, and refresh students in their academic writing lessons.

The ticket booth for the said event can be located at the back of the Old Humanities Building in UPLB. You could also avail tickets by contacting Kate Jhon Gil Mora via Facebook/mobile number at 0906-543-3507 or you could approach any member of The Rhetoricians. For more information with regards to the event, please visit The Rhetoricians’ Facebook Page namely: @TheRhetoricians.

As an academic organization, The Rhetoricians: The UPLB Speech Communication Organization is devoted to training their members to become effective and ethical speakers and leaders who will take part in realizing change and improvement in the university and beyond. Aside from placing grave importance on effective communication and public speaking, the organization also recognizes their potential in informing, inspiring, and moving people—especially students.

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