Top Tips for Visiting teamLab Planets in Tokyo

teamLab Planets in Tokyo is one activity that should be on everyone’s list of to-dos when visiting Japan’s capital city, whether you’re a first-timer or not. teamLab Planets is a fun interactive experience that harmoniously blends art and technology together, with rooms that are breathtaking to behold and will elicit awe and wonder from any visitor, no matter how young or old.

After recently experiencing teamLab Planets for myself for the first time, I’ve managed to come up with a few tips that would be very useful to know for anyone who’s going there anytime soon.

Here are my top tips for visiting teamLab Planets in Tokyo!

teamlab planets tokyo

Photos by Therese Aseoche

1. Go there wearing slippers or sandals.

This isn’t an absolute must, but I’ve found that this will just make the “during and after” experience much more comfortable for you. Since you’ll be barefoot the entire time, you’ll be requested to take off your footwear prior to entering the museum and leave them at your chosen locker. If you don’t mind having to walk on water after wearing socks and closed shoes prior, then that’s fine too.

2. Don’t wear tight-fitting pants that you can’t roll up to your knees.

There will be wet areas where the water will come up to your shins or even to your knees, depending on how short or tall you are. It’s best not to wear such tight-fitting pants that you won’t be able to roll up to avoid them getting wet.

teamlab planets tokyo when in manila water

3. If you’re wearing a skirt or a dress, wear shorts underneath.

There will be a lot of rooms where the floors are made of glass. If you forgot to wear shorts, don’t worry; you can rent a pair from the staff!

4. Go as early as possible.

It’s always best to be among the first to visit teamLab Planets to avoid the crowd. I was there at the first time slot of the day and managed to enjoy each room without feeling like there were too many people. I even managed to get nice pictures without any photobombers!

teamlab planets tokyo balls

5. Take your time!

This is the most important tip that not a lot of people told me about when I visited teamLab Planets for the first time. Once you’re inside, you can enjoy the museum for as long as you like! No one will be around to tell you that your time is up and that you need to leave. So don’t rush, fully immerse yourself in the experience of each room, and take as many pictures as you want to.

teamLab Planets is truly a magical place that should be experienced at least once in your life, and you won’t understand why unless you see it for yourself. So the next time you’re in Tokyo, book a trip to teamLab Planets and make some amazing memories!

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teamLab Planets
6 Chome-1-16 Toyosu, Koto City, Tokyo 135-0061, Japan
Open every day from 9 AM to 9 PM

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