Top Ten Tech Trends for 2014: 4K TVs, Connected Cars, Virtual Reality Gaming and more

Top Ten Tech Trends for 2014: 4K TVs, Connected Cars, Virtual Reality Gaming and more


When in Manila, the New Year is finally here and with the turning of another year, we took the chance last year to bid adieu to tech products and services that ceased in 2013. In turn, we now look forward to the top ten tech trends for 2014. With CES 2014 happening in Las Vegas from January 7-10, 2014, tons of promising tech products and services are showcased. Let’s see the top tech trends in store for this coming year. 


Top Ten Tech Trends for 2014 

Tech Trends 2014 - 4K TV

Source: AFP

1. Cheaper and More Advanced 4K TVs 

From black and white to colored to flatscreen to LCD to HD to Ultra HD or 4K, televisions have gone a long, long way. From big to small and bulky to thin, televisions have really changed a lot through time. Providing entertainment ever since, 4K TVs are expected to give greater entertainment as they pop anything to life. Additionally, curved TV screens and 8K TVs should also be watched out for.

Tech Trends 2014 - Gaming

Source: Rex

2. Virtual Reality Gaming 

With PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ready to take the center stage of our gaming realms, more power and improved graphics are also on the way. Additionally, some developments continue to push the boundaries of gaming and soon, virtual reality will be completely integrated with it. It might be time to say goodbye to our traditional gaming consoles.

Tech Trends 2014 - Smart Car


3. Connected Cars 

This year, smart cars are expected to give a stronger statement. Therefore, it is probably time to embrace this big change in our transportation vessels. We will soon see connected cars that stays hooked up through the Internet or cars integrated with 4G technology that can communicate with various mobile devices. Aside from ease of use, safety is definitely key, as well.

Tech Trends 2014 - iPhone 6


4. New Mobile Device Flagships 

It is inevitable that new flagships from top mobile device brands like Samsung and Apple will come out this year. Refreshes for the Galaxy and iPhone lineups are expected to come with improved performance, better features, and enhanced builds. Other brands are also deemed to follow suit.

Tech Trends 2014 - smart home


5. Smart Homes 

Interconnected appliances that will make things a lot easier is also imminent this 2014. A home where refrigerators, washing machines, stoves, ovens, and air conditioners are linked with each other through the Internet is something to see this year. Plus, these appliances may possibly be controlled using a phone or a tablet.

Tech Trends 2014 - wearables


6. Wearables of All Sorts 

Google Glass may have stirred up the Interwebs in 2013 but it is still in its very early stage. Improvements for it are still on the way, but that gives a great boost in terms of wearables. This year, we will definitely see more of wearable tech, not only those you can wear on your wrist or finger, and blinks when you receive a notification. We will also see health devices that can be worn to track exercises and keep us in shape such as those that you can patch on your chest or put on your nose. Wearable cameras will also be a thing this 2014.

Tech Trends 2014 - convertible

Source: CNET

7. Two-in-One Devices 

As smartphones get bigger and tablets shrink to blur the line between the two, so does tablets getting peripherals and notebooks becoming modular to provide a tablet-notebook hybrid. More of this kind of devices will sprout this year to offer greater flexibility in computing and communication.

Tech Trends 2014 - 3d printing


8. 3D Printing 

3D imaging on TVs may not have any traction yet but 3D printing continues to progress this 2014. The availability of consumer-grade 3D printers will definitely bring out 3D printing geniuses, open up to new opportunities, and create new industries. Low-cost 3D printing is also seen at a clearer distance this year.

Tech Trends 2014 - modular pc

Source: Razer

9. Modular PCs 

Customization is something that will definitely have a spotlight on tech this year. Concepts of modular PCs built for gaming or even for everyday use will surface. The idea behind this is to allow even non-techie people to create their own rigs and machines in a very simple manner.

Tech Trends 2014 - cloud

The Cloud Covers Us All

10. Cloud Becomes Personal 

With more and more information generated, the cloud will no longer be for commercial use. The cloud will have a big impact of the lives of many as it becomes more and more personal. Home entertainment centers will need a centralized data center. People who slide back and forth working at home and the office will have greater need for the cloud. Everyone will want to have their information readily accessible When in Manila. Plus, it comes with many security benefits such as catching thiefies in the act!

Top Ten Tech Trends for 2014: 4K TVs, Connected Cars, Virtual Reality Gaming and more

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