Top Events Management and Marketing Partner PMCM Celebrates 6th Anniversary!


Over the past years, Manila has been the hub for different local and international events. Events are everywhere; they can be the starting point of today’s trending topic, the talk of the town, and a remarkable day for one person. One of the contributors of this thriving field is PMCM Events Management.

The company was established in 2010 by Mys Sandico. Her previous work and experience inspired her to build an events company of her own. PMCM Events Management offers complete event planning and management services. Their events range from corporate gatherings like brand awareness and promotion, entertainment, and also movie screenings. They also specialize in graphics and marketing collateral designing. Although the company comprises a small team, they still achieve and dream of something even bigger than them.

Out of all the event companies in the country, PMCM Events Management stands out because of their main focus: maintaining customer relationships. They handle clients well by treating them also as part of their team. They believe that these clients aren’t just for one business transaction, they’ll make a partnership more fruitful than when it started. They keep in mind that every partnership is a stepping stone for both PMCM and their clients.

This September, they will be reaching their sixth year in the industry, and more sno foluccessful than ever. The company envisions to be the best event management and marketing partner in Manila, and who knows, Asia as well. Dream big, do bigger — as they say. PMCM Events Management is an example that size is not a hindrance to one’s goals. It is all about the mindset and how one holds true to it.

Happy 6th year anniversary, PMCM team!

Check out their website for upcoming events.