Titans Marking Pinoy Entrepreneurs’ Influential Identity: The Promising Future Discussed in Asia Leaders Forum

“The Millionaires’ Mindset: A Business for Everyone” was one of the highlights of the Asia Leaders Forum series held last September 3, 2019 in Makati Shangrila Hotel. Business leaders from various industries came together for this momentary event. TAG Media organized the event and Engr. Grace Bondad-Nicolas (Vice President of American Association of the Philippines) hosted it.

Some of the key persons included Arch. Kaydee Velasco (Group CEO, VI Group of Companies), Chinkee Tan (author and speaker), Robert L. Yupangco (Vice President, Koreans Council), RJ Ledesma (co-founder of Mercato Centrale), and Rizany Irwan Muhamad Mazlan (acting Malaysian ambassador to the Philippines).

The Titans Christian Leynes (CEO of Bizcon Distribution Inc.), Pocholo De Leon Gonzales (CEO and Managing Director of Creativoices Productions), and Joey Garcia (Executive Vice President and Brand Director of RAIRAIKEN Restaurant Group) were among the rosters of these successful business owners in Asia Leaders Forum. 

Titans Joey Garcia, Christian Leynes and Christian Leynes with the Speakers and Organizers of Millionaire's Mindset Summit

Titans Joey Garcia, Christian Leynes and Christian Leynes with the Speakers and Organizers of Millionaire’s Mindset Summit

Starting From Scratch With Grit As Weapon: How Titans Created Their Destiny

The objectives of the Asia Leaders Forum are (a) advocating information dissemination, and (b) promoting the Philippines as a premiere business hub in Asia. This is very apt to the vision and goal of Titans, especially in focusing to help more Pinoy entrepreneurs succeed.

As they were asked, “What’s the mindset in your younger years and what inspires you?”, the Titans gave heartfelt answers dating back to their humble beginnings. Mr. Joey, Mr. Christian, and Mr. Pocholo were all from poor families struggling to make ends meet. 

They all embrace “entrepreneurship for survival” and to help their family have a better life. They never used poverty as an excuse not to succeed; their grit catapulted them towards their goals.

From a young age to the present time, they have aimed for exponential growth in their personal and business goals. At present, they are respected leaders in their fields with multiple recognitions and priceless influence on people whom they help in transforming lives. The accolades and success of these Titans earned them the nomination for “Asia Leaders Award 2019”. 

The Titans with Former Senator Manny Villar

The Titans with Former Senator Manny Villar

The Heart to Help and Serve: Titans’ Relentless Aspiration for More Pinoy Entrepreneurs Success Story

The next important questions for the panel experts were “What’s the next step? How to sustain it?” Each Titan had inspiring answers showing the utmost confidence that Pinoy business owners can make it, too!

Mr. Joey Garcia shared how he helps and guide friends with his business management expertise on the side for free. He is a mentor for GoNegosyo, too, through which he discovered a common pain point for entrepreneurs: “there’s no continuity in their businesses”. They struggle to maintain the momentum as they see the indicators of their failing businesses.

This pain point becomes his inspiration to help them, but he needs a strong platform to accomplish it. This is why through Titans Business Venture Corporation, they become the “disruptive innovators through collaboration of knowledge and skills”.

He wants to see more “modern disruptive influential businessmen” by providing the second wave of their business growth. This is done by means of mentoring, technological development, and business structure. He is focused on helping dying businesses more than start-ups as the latter are already getting more attention and support. For him, business is both s science and an art.

Mr. Christian Leynes emphasizes that to sustain a business, there should be “selflessness, moderation of greed, and alignment of heart and goals.” He reiterates how Pinoys need more stories of inspiration and success from fellow Pinoy entrepreneurs. “Tayo naman maging entrepreneurs, mga Pinoy!”, a statement with challenge and hope reverberates from Mr. Christian.

Mr. Pocholo recalls his spiritual values in growing a business. That “faith in God” and “service to humanity is the best work of God” are his guiding principles. He added that it is a great reminder how “direction and goals must be anchored on purpose” to keep going.

Titans Business Ventures at Asia Leaders Forum Millionaire's Mindset Panel

Titans Business Ventures at Asia Leaders Forum Millionaire’s Mindset Panel

Pinoy Entrepreneurs as Asian Disruptive Business Leaders

The Titans’ aspiration highlighted in the Asia Leaders Forum points to one direction for Pinoy entrepreneurs: transform into disruptors and game-changers in the business industry. It’s the right time to see more of them being recognized and respected into the competitive battle arena of business experts. It’s the right time to open more avenues of opportunities and growth to MSMEs.

Embrace your inner Titan spirit. Believe and make things happen. Tayo naman, mga Ka-Titans!