Tips Para Di Masaktan Because Heartbreak Is Such A Bummer

A lot of us have been there and done that. Still, not a lot from a lot of us learn because we continue to open ourselves to love and be vulnerable to heartbreak.

Going viral on Twitter is “Tips Para Di Masaktan”.

Netizens share a tip or two on how to avoid getting hurt because heartbreak sucks.

Here are some of the top tweets.

On choosing to stay single… forever:

On avoiding anything that is “too much”:

This “malalim na hugot”:

Really, it’s this simple?:

On using this for your heart:

The Biebs is very relevant:

Go sleep:

Putting God at the center:

On accepting na “ganun talaga”:

Mixed signals:

According to Yaya Dub:

Go love yourself:

Share with us your Tips Para Di Masaktan!