This Viral Post Of A Long Distance Couple Is Just Heartwarming

Any relationship takes work, much more so when you find you and your loved one managing a love affair that spans seas and continents. Yet this couple, whose fate seems star-crossed as they find themselves going different directions no matter how hard they try to meet, overcome all odds and prove that distance is just a concept!

Milena Nguyen is from Vietnam who met her boyfriend Raphael Fraga, from Brazil, on a trip to Russia. They met again and fell in love in the beautiful country of Taiwan. For the past 3 years, their love has brought themselves to 12 countries, but then they show that when you truly believe in love that is magical, you will find your way back to each other’s arms.

Her post has gotten over 50,000 shares, and the hearts of many worldwide!

long distance couple

He’s from Brazil. I’m from Vietnam. We met in Russia, fell in love in Taiwan. He visited me in Hanoi, I visited him in Beijing.
I moved to Netherlands for AIESEC International. But he needed to move back to Brazil. We didn’t see each other for 5 months until Rapha got his job in DHL Germany.
1 year in Europe together, we took the train to see each other every month.
When I moved back to Hanoi, it took 6 months for us to find our way back to each other. Rapha managed to move to Singapore.
Sometimes we look back and amazed by our own love story.
We are like 2 wicked children, 2 birds flying free together. We give wings to each other’s dreams.
Happy anniversary
3 years, 2 continents, 12 countries, thousands miles apart, and countless of planes and trains and cars we took to find our way back to each other, and learn to love all over again.


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