This Taiwanese Woman Goes To A Popular Makati Park Everyday Just To Keep It Clean

This kind of dedication and consideration for others is admirable!

The city of Makati is an urban jungle in every sense of the word, lined with pavements and towering buildings that make up for its gorgeous skyline at night — which also means that trees and flowers are also few and far between. To make up for this, beautiful parks have been created around the city so Makati dwellers still have a piece of greenery to enjoy!

With these limited slices of paradise, do we do our part in keeping our surroundings tidy?

Netizen Joyce Kathleen Rasco posted this photo of a woman who visits a popular Makati park — Ayala Gardens– everyday — only to find out that aside from enjoying its beautiful surroundings, she also wipes the benches just to keep the park clean!

On the other hand, several of our local parks as well as our streets around the metro are littered with trash from our own locals that pass by.

Taiwanese woman cleans Ayala Garden

According to those Joyce spoke with, the woman does not get paid for her efforts, and she also makes it a point to bring some snacks to the park sweepers!

Read the post below:

Saw this elderly foreign national going around Ayala Triangle Gardens this morning with a bag full of rags, wiping down each and every one of the Kitkat benches around the park. According to a regular jogger, this elderly lady is Taiwanese and comes to the gardens every single day to do what she does. She is not a paid employee – just someone who cares enough about others having a clean and dry place to sit in this lovely park. She even brings snacks for the park sweepers. Definitely a human worth emulating.

Have you seen this woman? What are your thoughts on this?