This New Father-Son Commercial On Acceptance Will Give You All The Feels

“Anak, bakit di mo ina-accept ‘yung friend request ko?”

A lot of us feel a certain generation gap with our parents, which can cause clashes with our ideas and theirs, and it can make things unsettling when they jump on something we used to identify with our own age group, such as the internet! Social media isn’t just for the young-uns anymore. A lot of us encounter this with our own parents, who have also found the joy of going online and connecting with friends and loved ones!

commercial smart father-son will give you all the feels lgbt

For some of us, seeing that dreaded friend request from our parents is just awkward — we don’t want them seeing every single thing we’re up to. What’s worse, it’s even more awkward when they follow up their friend request!

But this touching commercial shows that acceptance and overcoming differences can really go a long way. Get ready to unleash all the feels with this one!

Watch below:

One thing is clear: Love wins. Always.

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