This Funny Olympic Meme Is Something We Can All Relate To

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio is in full swing, and everyone is rooting for their respective athletes, countries in the various sports showcased in the global tournaments.

This means that the finest athletes from all over the world have converged in a single sporting event to do what they do best and strive to bring the gold home! It really makes us mere mortals watching them onscreen feel that we should be doing something better with our lives.

And with that is this meme from the Olympic swimming tilt, where pictures speak louder than words. The lifeguard at the back is all of us:

With living legends such as Michael Phelps (who just won his 19th Olympic gold medal. NINETEENTH!) getting wet in the pool, it really is almost hard to imagine why a lifeguard would be needed here! But of course, it only takes one disaster to screw up everything and precautionary measures are still needed to avoid any accidents.

Still, it’s a pretty funny photo!

Thoughts on this? Are you watching the 2016 Rio Olympics?


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