This Fresh Graduate’s “Katas ng Call Center” Story Is A True Inspiration

There are a lot of call center agents in the country, but there’s also a lot of prejudice that is involved with the job. Unfortunately, it’s the sad truth. Still, call center agents have proven to be a strong bunch, never minding the quick judgments of other people but being all the more diligent with their job.

A recent graduate of the University of Santo Tomas just proved to the world wide web yet again that being a call center agent is something to actually be proud of. In this graduation season, Erald Pecson was one of the many graduates who took to social media to share his journey of finally finishing his formal education, and his amazing story proved to be an inspiration to working students and call center agents alike.

Check out his story below:

Erald is a fresh graduate of secondary education, major in social studies. It took him seven years to get his degree, and it was a real journey of many challenges. He was only eighteen when he had to be both a call center agent and a full-time student. With his salary as the only source of his income for all the bills he had to pay, it truly was a tough feat.

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Still, Erald persevered and never gave up. Even when he was questioning God about his situation, he continued to strive and never lost faith.

He shares that he was never ashamed of being in college for seven years, nor did he ever think that being a call center agent was something to belittle. Erald is proud of being a call center agent, and he is proud that his degree in secondary education is a result of his being a call center agent. He calls his achievement “katas ng call center”.

Erald truly serves as an inspiration for both call center agents and working students. Truly, perseverance and diligence will get you places. It’s not about what you do or what your profession is. It’s all about how you handle the challenges that life throws at you.

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