This Digital Product Allows You to Advance Your Next Salary, Avoiding “Petsa de Peligro”

Referred to as the difficult days leading up to the next pay day, petsa de peligro is a familiar concept among salaried employees. It is the period when remnants of the previous paycheck seem to be quickly depleted, therefore the next salary crediting is highly anticipated. But for employees like Paulyn, there’s no need to wait.

Working as a sales account specialist, Paulyn Uriarte is a 27 year-old employee of an outsourcing company in Eastwood City, Quezon City. She is one of the growing number of employees who have opted to advance their next salary through SB Finance’s eSALAD.  Because of her salary loan, she is able to pursue her master’s degree, and expressed satisfaction for its impact on her life.

SBFinance, eSALAD | This Digital Product Allows You to Advance Your Next Salary, Avoiding "Petsa de Peligro"

Photo: Towfiqu Barbhuiya, Unsplash

“I have sincere gratitude for the outstanding service I received during my recent loan application. The online application process was seamless, and thanks to SB Finance’s eSALAD, I successfully funded my post-graduate studies for my professional development. The bank’s competitive, lower interest rates and flexible repayment options played a pivotal role in making this opportunity accessible to me,” shared Paulyn.

Introduced by SB Finance in 2022, eSALAD is a digital loan product that allows borrowers to advance their next salary through a digital and personalized process—from enrollment, to availment, and even after-sales. It is the first in the market to use SMS as a means to avail of a loan, and also offers a dedicated web portal for applications and availment so there is no need to visit any physical outlet. Available to employees of eSALAD-accredited companies, borrowers can request loans of up to Php 2 million, payable up to 36 months, and the payment will be automatically deducted from their salary.

“We Filipinos are very much familiar with ‘bale’, or cash advance, so this is based on that practice,” SB Finance president and CEO Abbie Casanova shared. “There are unexpected expenses that some do not have the budget ready for, so they resort to informal lenders, which often ask for unreasonable rates and terms. But with eSALAD, borrowers now have the option to get quick funding in a safe, convenient, and fair manner. This is the ‘bale ng bayan’, which both employee and employer can now rely on,” she added.

On the employer’s part, eSALAD has been used as a tool in managing attrition rates.

“SB Finance’s eSALAD is a convenient and hassle-free salary advance loan for our employees. As we transitioned from manual to digital applications, I can honestly state that it is such a huge help for our employees who are in need of immediate assistance for educational expenses, hospitalization, emergency needs, home improvements and other needs,” said Aldrin Vasquez, Administrative Supervisor for Human Resources at Mind Alliance Ventures, Inc..

On top of the actual loans, SB Finance also offers different promos exclusive to accredited companies and their employees. In fact, SB Finance has an ongoing promotion wherein employees of accredited companies availing of their eSALAD until December 15, 2023 will automatically qualify for a raffle featuring hotel stays across the Philippines, and as much as PhP 300,000 as prizes.

“I am eager to recommend SB Finance to friends, family, and colleagues based on my positive experience. It has significantly contributed to my financial growth, and I’m now better positioned to pursue my objectives,” said Paulyn.

Interested companies and employees may visit to find out about the accreditation process, loan availment process, and other information about eSALAD. For more details, SB Finance may also be reached by calling customer service at (+632) 8887-9188 from 8:30am to 5:30pm, Mondays to Fridays (except holidays) or email us at