This company in QC feels more like a family than a workplace and we’re thinking of applying

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We spend a third of our lives in our workplace so it makes sense for us to want to find a company that will make us feel at home. This is especially true for employees in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, who deal with odd hours, angry customers, and high quotas. Thankfully, many BPOs are creating ways to make life at work more comfortable. One of the best examples is Afni, a U.S.-based global contact center company that works with the world’s best companies.


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Afni feels more like a family than a workplace and you can see it in the many activities they have for their employees. Instead of the traditional annual ball or townhall party, the company holds a family day where employees can bring five of their friends or family to the event. They also hold other regular get-togethers like a sportsfest, Hallowscream where they can bring their kids to do some trick or treating, and Snowflake where employees can put their wish for their child on a snowflake and hang it on the Christmas tree. Other employees can choose from the snowflakes and grant the wish.

Afni also believes that people have lives after work, so they organized special interest groups for people to join. So whether they’re into mountaineering, singing, or dancing, there’s a group waiting for them to hang out and be friends with.

Employees who have referred their friends to join the company are called Champions in the Employee Referral Program (ERP) and they get a lot of benefits, too. They get exclusive access to ERP Days with different themes, like Dessert Museum and a dance theme, where they get treats and prizes. Champions also go on out-of-town trips and stay in four-star hotels!

Of course, employees still look for companies with a good compensation package and Afni does not disappoint. Everyone enjoys competitive salaries, paid time off, full-time schedules, a referral bonus higher than the industry average, premium medical benefits for up to four dependents, and fast career growth. In 2016 alone, Afni promoted more than 500 employees.


If you’re thinking of applying, you should do so soon because Afni is giving a Toyota Wigo and four Yamaha motorcycles to successful applicants! The promo is open to all Afni hired applicants from December 10, 2018 to March 1, 2019. If you think this is the job for you, their office is in Commonwealth Ave. Diliman Commercial Complex in Quezon City.