This Call Center Company Unveils ‘Greenhouse’: A Step towards a Greener and Healthier Workplace

As I stepped through the glass doors of TaskUs Greenhouse, located in Molino, Cavite, Philippines, I was immediately struck by the refreshing and environmentally-friendly design of the newest site of this leading provider of outsourced digital services and next-generation customer experience to fast-growing technology companies.

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Reception Area

The architectural design of Greenhouse is truly unique, with “daytime-bright” lighting and the use of non-harmful, environment-friendly finishes and materials for its interior decorations, fixtures, and wall paints. The large open spaces allow natural sunlight to permeate, conserving energy. The meeting rooms, including the boardroom and interview rooms, are equipped with motion-sensor lights that turn off automatically when unoccupied. The site also features heat emission films that help reduce heat inside the building, making air conditioning units more efficient. It’s evident that TaskUs has put a lot of thought and effort into creating a workspace that promotes sustainability and wellness for its employees.

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Board Meeting

One of the remarkable aspects of Greenhouse is TaskUs’ commitment to lessening its carbon footprint in every possible way. The supplies used in building Greenhouse, including carpets, vinyl floors, office chairs, and workstations, are sourced from suppliers who share the same commitment to sustainability. “We aim to continuously reimagine workplace culture and the employee experience. From building functional and inspiring spaces to providing benefits that are beyond the norm, TaskUs is committed to building an environment that empowers people to thrive and create a positive impact in and outside of work,” shared Dean Van Ormer, TaskUs Senior Vice President of Operations for Southeast Asia.

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L-R: Arjay Angodung, TaskUs Division Vice President of Operations; Dean Van Ormer, TaskUs Senior Vice President of Operations for Southeast Asia; Lana Delos Reyes, Vice President of Operations – TaskUs Greenhouse

Arjay Angodung, TaskUs Division Vice President of Operations, believes Greenhouse will be a bastion of sustainability and boundless growth for TaskUs. “This is truly an inspiring workspace for teammates to learn how to achieve wellness through nature and start embracing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle with both their families and colleagues,” he adds.

Situated in over 34,000 square feet of commercial space, occupying two whole floors, Greenhouse in Molino is TaskUs’ 10th site in the Philippines. Like other TaskUs sites, Greenhouse features dynamic color themes, vibrant walls, well-designed production and lounge areas, and incredible amenities for its teammates to enjoy. The attention to detail and commitment to providing a world-class workspace is evident in every corner of this new site.

The choice of Molino as the location for Greenhouse was strategic, as it provides access to talents from Cavite and nearby provinces such as Laguna and Batangas. It also aligns with TaskUs’ goal of extending meaningful jobs to locals in non-metro areas. Moreover, Molino is home to over four major universities within the Bacoor City vicinity and is surrounded by villages and residential areas that house more than 650,000 residents. Due to its proximity to Metro Manila, it also has access to a diverse talent pool from industries such as banking and finance, healthcare, and IT.

“The launch of Greenhouse becomes a full-circle moment for TaskUs as we go back to the same city, in Bacoor, where we started our operations atop a vulcanizing shop in 2008. But this time, with a bigger and greener site,” shares Lana Delos Reyes, Vice President of Operations – TaskUs Greenhouse. “We also want to bring jobs closer to Filipinos, allowing them to spend more quality time for themselves and with their loved ones.”

TaskUs is known for its Ridiculously Good culture, providing its employees with positive experiences, outstanding benefits, learning and career development opportunities, and people-first programs. The company’s extensive Wellness + Resiliency (W+R) programs, supported by a well-trained W&R team, prioritize employees’ well-being. They also uphold diversity, equity, and inclusion by promoting a healthy gender ratio and providing gender-inclusive facilities and benefits.