This ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Cover In A Minor Key Gives It An Eerily Dark Feel

I haven’t been over Beauty and The Beast for years now, and I especially haven’t gotten over its beautiful theme song that was performed by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson. Whenever I’m feeling like a Disney princess in love, the original Beauty and The Beast is one of my go-to hits to listen to.

With the recent remake of the song itself, now performed by Ariana Grande and John Legend, there have been lots of covers and various versions of this song that have been made available.

Just recently, I may have discovered one of the most unique of them all.

This particular version of Beauty and The Beast was done by Chase Holfelder and Kurt Hugo Schneider–both pretty famous YouTubers. These two musicians collaborated to do not just a simple song cover, but to play Beauty and The Beast in a minor key.

The result was eerily dark yet beautiful. Listen to it below:

Some people commented how the once romantic song suddenly sounded like a Panic! At The Disco composition. others noted that it seemed like it was the Beast’s perspective on the song.

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This is, by far, one of my favorite covers of Beauty and The Beast. It really brings out my inner emo. Plus Chase and Kurt are both really talented musicians and they are the reasons why Beauty and The Beast in a minor key worked so well in the first place.

What did you think of this cover? Have you seen other cool covers lately? Share it with us!

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