Thief on Motorcyle Snatches Purse…then THIS Happens!

When In Manila, there are a number of crimes that happen everyday. Growing up in this city, we’ve grown to be more aware of snatchers and pickpocketers when walking down dark or crowded streets. Being victimized by these crimes make us feel really pissed and often times, we catch ourselves wishing all hell broke lose on the guy who took our belongings. Having been a victim once myself, I’m not sure exactly how I feel about this vigilante justice.


Motorcyle Thief (02)



The photos were shared by Wawie Kaw on his Facebook page with the following caption:

“Share lang p ndaanan k p khapon pbalik ng timog ng snatch ng bag ung nkamotor hnablot nya ung bag matanda n nkasakay s van hinabol cya ng sasakyan ung maabutan cnagasaan cya kylan p gumamit mg jac para lang mkuha cya s ilalim mg van”


Rough English Translation:

“Let me just share. I came across this incident on my way to Timog. The guy aboard the motor snatch a woman’s purse. He grabbed her bag. An old man in a van chased after him. Once he got close enough, he ran over the snatcher. The medics needed to use a car jack just to get him out from underneath the van.”


According to local news sites, the snatcher was arrested back in 2012 for the same crimes. The person who ran him over was apparently the victim’s husband.

Motocyle Thief (07)


Woah! Talk about karma.

What do you guys think? Do you think the thief got what he deserved?

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