These are the cutest DIY face masks we’ve seen!

People are showing off their do-it-yourself (DIY) face masks on Twitter.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, wearing a face mask has become the new normal.

The World Health Organization (WHO) even released a guideline on the use of a face mask in this time of the COVID-19 crisis.

Twitter user @ikasu_mask_OL started the challenge using the hashtag ‘#自慢のマスクを見てくれよ’ (look at my proudly made mask). This enticed people to share photos of their cutest DIY face masks, which they were quite embarrassed to wear in public.

@ikasu_mask_OL posted her face mask first. It is inspired by the Nintendo Switch gaming unit.

(Rough translation: The tag I was looking for! Show the mask you made, but you can’t wear it outside. I also embroidered it. )

(Rough translation: I made a mask and various things using a bandana.)

(Rough translation: I love these!)

(Rough translation: Tired of making ordinary cloth masks, I tried making rock masks.)

(Rough translation: A cute mask that can turn you into a cat! I feel like a white cat every day.)

(Rough translation: I made a mask that can turn you into little Pennywise)

(Rough translation: For my daughter, an improved version of My Melody. I hope I can go to Puroland again.)

(Rough translation: The quality of the mask that Mama made is too high!)

(Rough translation: Green cat)

(Rough translation: Japanese pattern is good!)

(Rough translation: A mask that can turn you into Mario.)

(Rough translation: Made for her kid)

(Rough translation: I made a handkerchief mask.)

(Rough translation: Found the hashtag ‘Look at my proudly made mask’ and the Nintendo Switch mask and so decided to create a mask for the Animal Crossing Switch version. I tried to draw but didn’t manage to make it look as cute as the official illustration that I referred to.)


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