The Weirdest Casino Locations around the World

 The Weirdest Casino Locations around the World   

Have you ever had a weird casino experience?  Perhaps you think that all casinos are a little weird, and perhaps to some extent they are, but very few of them can be as weird as the experiences listed below. Here are some of the world’s weirdest casinos, though if you know of any that are weirder then please let us know.


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Desert Cave Hotel Australia – The Desert Cave Hotel casino in Coober Pedy, Australia is certainly unique and very weird. It is located underground. Deep within the desert, the region is renowned for opal mining and to escape the sometimes unbearable heat. It is traditional for the workers to live in underground dugouts. It was his love of underground living that inspired Umberto Coro to build this underground hotel which opened in 1988. Now anybody can play in the cool, airy and spacious underground casino and stay in its underground hotel rooms.


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Sun City South Africa – There is nothing particularly weird about the actual casino at the Sun City South Africa, however its location makes it so. Sun City is a luxury hotel casino resort in South Africa’s North West Province. Here you can combine staying in one of the best casino resorts in the country with some real safari adventures in the African bush. The resort is right on the doorstep of one of the top animal reserves in the world and you are certain to spot lions, leopards, buffalos, elephant and rhinos.


Weirdest Casino Locations around the World

Barbie Suite at the Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas – Naturally you would expect a few weird things at Las Vegas, but the Barbie Suite at the Palms Casino Resort is really, seriously weird. The suite was designed as a celebration of that iconic doll’s fiftieth birthday and is decorated mainly in (you’ve guessed it) pink and black. One of the decorations is a mirror frame made from 65 Barbie’s. There is also a hot tub, ideal for entertaining Ken and the super king-size bed has a pink headboard.


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Casino Palais Savarin, Prague – Prague is famed for its nightlife and one place to enjoy it is at the somewhat weird Casino Palais Savarin. The building was constructed in the 18th century, and although it was renovated extensively in 1999, it still retains much of its original Baroque style. To reach it you climb a huge staircase with beautiful overhead frescoes; it feels as if you are stepping into the past. Prague has a colourful and often brutal history and the Casino Palais Savarin has seen a great deal of it.


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Bally’s Hotel & Casino Las Vegas – For our final weird casino we return to Las Vegas and the Bally’s Hotel & Casino. Back in 1980 the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino that occupied the same site burned down with the loss of 85 lives. The fire had been caused by an electrical fault but it was because of a faulty ventilation system circulated that toxic fumes that so many people died. It was rebuilt as Bally’s Hotel & Casino though it is said that it is haunted: acrid smoke is sometimes smelled, screams come from the stairwell, a woman’s ghost wanders round the slot machines and the pitiful voice of a young boy crying out for his mother can be heard. Staff turnover is unusually high.


 The Weirdest Casino Locations around the World   



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