The Original 3D Club Experience at Cove Manila

THOSE DAMN NERDS are a DJ-Producer Duo based in Manila, Philippines. Consisting of nationally renowned DJs/artists, Miaow and Ais Nicaution, they have individually carved out successful careers in the club and music scene, not only for dance music, but also in music production and education. Together, they make up Those Damn Nerds, providing visually stimulating 3D club experiences. 

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Formed in 2013, the duo always had a vision of leveling up DJ sets by incorporating a visual aspect. In 2013, 3D club shows were not yet done in Manila. Their sets are not normal DJ sets. Miaow, being a visual “nerd” tackles much of the visual aspect of their show. Ais more of the audio “nerd”, is also the wordsmith of the group, “spitting his own bars and rhymes live”. Miaow is also considered the groups “Woman of Steel” using her turntablist skills and battle tricks. 


We ask Those Damn Nerds, how do you explain your music?


“Nerd sets are quite aggressively bass heavy now to induce the neurons to go nuts and send you head banging, but still with a playful open-format flavor that displays our random interests. You may suddenly hear a classic OPM hit or a cartoon theme song in our sets!”


Can you tell us what this 3D Experience?


“It is build for optimum nocturnal enjoyment because unlike what you experience in 3D cinemas, you can remove your glasses and still enjoy the visuals without the image becoming blurred. No commitment, no discomfort, easy bathroom or drink breaks, and easy peer interaction.” 


On February 21, Those Damn Nerds will be bringing this 3D spectacular to Cove Manila! Those Damn Nerds, The Original 3D Show, An Audio Visual Experience will also feature Dom Go, Will Crozier, and Cove Manila residents, Guji Lorenzana and DZ SVG!


In the wake of this event Those Damn Nerds will be releasing new music in March 2020. They have been working closely with Open Door Artists, spearheaded by Guji Lorenzana, in hopes to reach a wider audience, outside the local club and festival scene. 


For inquiries and reservations for the show on February 21, please visit