The National Marketer’s Cup

National Marketer's Cup

Stay tuned this coming March 25, 2017, as DLSU JEMA, in partnership with Food Attack, Man Pomade and Grab, brings you one of the biggest marketing competitions ever, The National Marketer’s Cup.

The National Marketer’s Cup is a one-day event that follows an Olympic type structure. It involves series of marketing competition such as Marketing Plan Drafting, Ad Contest, and Integrated Marketing Communication that is happening simultaneously.

The event aims to showcase the talents and skills of aspiring future marketers in the business world through the presentation of their ideas for different firms and businesses.

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The event is
Co-presented by: Food Attack, Man Pomade, Grab
In cooperation with John Robert Powers, RFM Corp.
Brought to you by Zap PH, Creamy Delight, Rebisco